Happy Monday! New week, new opportunity…

How was your Monday? Did you feel completely excited by it? Do you feel that you’d like a bit of something just for you: a bit of time, some extra money, a bit of support or just want to try something different maybe?


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What would you like to add to your life? More time at home? More money for holidays? Learn about natural health? Improve your skin?

Check out my video which has lots of information on how to join Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic (NYRO) and what the benefits are.

I personally love to help people, to take advantage of the free training, to learn new business skills, to challenge myself to try something new and of course I like the extra income too!

What’s your motivation?

So many benefits if you join:

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Make-up that is good for your skin

Do you like clogging your pores with parabens, heavy metals or even hormone disrupting chemicals?

No? Nope, me neither!

Have you ever thought about what your make-up is made of?

Nope, me neither! Well until recently…..have a read of these and then have a look at Neal’s Yard Organic make-up.

The Good: (Hurrah for ethical shopping) http://www.thegoodshoppingguide.com/ethical-make-up/

Good shopping guide NYR 100

The Bad: (Toxic load in make-up is astonishing) http://www.naturalnews.com/053605_natural_makeup_chemical_toxins_body_chemistry.html#

avoid these cosmetics

The GREAT: https://uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/sarahtegg/area/shop-online/category/april-offers/

make up offer


As a fan of natural skincare, I’ve started looking at what goes into my make-up. I’m struggling with some congested pores at the moment (nice!) and along with increasing hydration and cutting back on trigger foods, I’ve been working hard with my skin care routine using a mixture of the Palmarosa, Rose and Frankincense NYR ranges. I don’t want to them undo all my hardwork by putting a toxic load of pore clogging chemicals on my face!

I tried out the NYRO range last week and couldn’t believe how GOOD it felt on my skin. It didn’t feel heavy and honestly like my skin was BREATHING throughout the day. Plus using Palmarosa Mattifer  beforehand helped it stay on all day long.

I’m not very good with make-up but it looked great. I went for a natural look but you can vamp it up with our night time shades. Fancy trying it? Check out the full range for all skin tones.

me with NYRO make up

(I’m wearing: minderal foundation medium warm, mineral bronzer golden warm, peony blusher, moss eyeshadow, oak eyeliner, lenghtening mascara and bayberry lipgloss)

Neal’s Yard have an AMAZING offer with 50% OFF yes that’s HALF PRICE make-up when you buy four products. So try out a new foundation, blusher, eye liner and lipstick today, guilt free – well almost!


Do ask me for more details and get in touch if you want to hold a make-up party 🙂

Would you like some help with getting a good nights sleep?


Sleep is nature’s way of restoring and recharging both mind and body for a new day. It supports brain function, emotional wellbeing, and it’s not called beauty sleep for nothing; sleep really is the best anti-ageing treatment there is, helping to restore brightness to your skin. When we sleep we release hormones and regulate our metabolism, leading to cell turnover and collagen production.


“You can’t pour from an empty cup”.

We all lead busy lives but it is important for our health both mind sanity and immune system to relax and allow our body to recharge.

Lack of sleep triggers the release of cortisol (a stress hormone) which causes blood sugar to rise, the always on ‘fight or flight’ scenario and inability to switch off.

Make time for relaxation

Use your ‘me time’ certificates to make time to relax. Create a short time block each day for (this could be a 10 min walk in fresh air, having a cup of tea in the garden, night time bath etc.)

Me Time Certificate fb-tile-zen-and-oil


  • Create relaxation time every day – switching your mind off
  • Good bedtime routine
    • Warm bath
    • Relaxing candles
    • Caffeine free / night time tea
    • Soothing music
    • Window open in bedroom to cool it down
    • Glass of water before bed with zinc or beauty sleep supplement to restore overnight
    • No technology 30 mins before bedtime
    • Phones off (including vibrate off), switch off standby on tv
    • Scribble pad for any thoughts or worries
  • Hold ESR points on forehand and breathe deeply. Deep belly breaths not shallow chest ones.
  • Gentle stretch before bedtime
  • Increase hydration (and take your omega oils to help your body absorb water into your cells)
  • Use a Zen Soto diffuser to help gently swish releaxin essential oils into the air forcing your body’s limbic system to respond and physically help you relax


SUPPLEMENTS – remember to get natural, bulking agent & sucrose free supplements for optimum absorption

  • Vitamin B for energy conversion
  • Zinc  to boost immune system and health skin, hair and nails
  • Omega 3,6,9  They’re not called ‘essential’ fatty acids for nothing!

Sleep and relaxation health



I am very happy to celebrate #InternationalWomensDay.

How many of you have experienced being paid less than your male peers? Feeling marginalised just because you’re a woman? Have felt vulnerable just because you’re wearing a skirt? How many female leaders do you know of? How many of your female friends do an incredible yet silent job of raising their children or managing the household? How many of your female friends have started their own business? And how many times have you downplayed your achievements or said ‘Oh it’s only a little thing?’

I am incredibly proud to be part of NYRO, who have come TOP in the world’s most ethical shopping companies, who have strong developmental and supportive links helping empower women. It’s not a nameless marketing trick, but a genuine relationship. I listened to Susan Curtis speaking yesterday on her trips to Africa and sharing her experience and photos of the great work NYRO do out there.

For example, our organic frankincense is gathered by the Samburu Tribe in northern Kenya. As well as a much needed income, the women receive a 10% social premium, which helps to support their children’s education.

So, stand up and be proud to be a woman.  You don’t always need a megaphone but can support by simply shopping with a Fairtrade company. So why not treat yourself or a wonderful girl friend and enjoy that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing 10% of your purchase goes directly to Women fow Women International. (Plus there is still £5 off selected gifts so save money for yourself AND support the charity – yes pelase!)




I’ll let the below post describe more accurately the work NYR actually do.

Happy International Women's Day! Today we're donating 10% of sales to Women for Women International to support their…

Posted by Neal's Yard Remedies on Tuesday, 8 March 2016