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Coronavirus – all appointments now ONLINE

Who fancies some good news today?? Rather self-indulgent but there is a sensible point at the end….I’m PREGNANT! 💕 After 5 years of trying, 3 rounds of IVF and 2 embryo transfers we finally have a little one growing away to which we will be eternally grateful. Surprise to those who didn’t know and but […]

CORONA VIRUS: We are still open

Thrive is still OPEN!   Thank you to the lovely clients enquiring as to whether I am still offering kinesiology appointments. The answer is YES for now, respectfully monitoring the Government’s advice and implementing as many hygienic initiatives as I can.   *All appointments are still expected * Hand sanitiser is available as you enter […]

Emotional wellbeing month

Bye bye February, hello March! I love March with the yellow optimism that the daffodils bring as they open their cheery little petals. January & February was all about the physical side of our health focussing on gut health and nutrition. March and April’s focus is on our emotional health. Both are required in equal […]


DIGESTION & IBS webinar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sV2ErWMuNSY Here’s a copy of the 45 minute webinar I ran this wee sharing information on digestion, IBS management, FODMAP foods, supplements and health tips. Sorry I hadn’t realised everyone’s faces would be on the screen and obscuring the presentation so I will amend this setting for next time. You live […]