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Watch this little video to find out more about plans for during and after maternity leave, also touching on our long journey to parenthood. Find out how I’ve been preparing to support my clients while I’m off with a new ‘Supplements shop’ page on my website (going live soon) as well as uploading lots of […]


SALE ITEMS With both a baby on the way and a house move coming up I’m selling off some of my lovely stock. Please comments/message me via my Facebook page THRIVE HEALTH & WELLNESS   to help me easily manage the requests. Free Delivery in Sherborne (or you can collect from me) or I can […]

Video time – how we have adapted to lockdown

10 MIN WATCH OR LISTEN How we have adapated our businesses to help support our clients during lockdown. Video wellness sessions are the way forward! I have received so many super comments from clients about how much help they have been discussing both physical and emotional health issues. So glad I’ve still been able to […]

Make-up by Arbonne

HEALTHY LIVING FOR MIND, BODY & SKIN. Loving the chance to pop my Arbonne make-up on today as Sarah Hickling and I recorded our second round of Lockdown Interviews. I’m a natural make up kind of girl: a little base, blusher & eyes will do for me. Isn’t it interesting how spending an extra 5 […]


Welcome to Episode 1 of the Lockdown Interviews Sarah Hickling (Business & Career Coach) and Sarah Attwood (Wellness Coach specialising in Kinesiology, Nutrition & Emotion) have taken to Zoom to interview each other about our respective businesses. We want to introduce ourselves to you all and have a bit of a Blind Date “what’s your […]