Make-up by Arbonne


Loving the chance to pop my Arbonne make-up on today as Sarah Hickling and I recorded our second round of Lockdown Interviews.
💕I’m a natural make up kind of girl: a little base, blusher & eyes will do for me. Isn’t it interesting how spending an extra 5 minutes on your appearance can make you feel LOADS better! Feeling positive & motivated today, woohoo!
💤 😴 Also had a good nights sleep last night and washed my hair this morning – #winning at life!!
❤️The makeup that you put on your skin is just as important as the skincare products you use and the nutrients that you put in your body. Arbonne has created makeup that cares for your skin with moisturising botanicals and age defying ingredients, enhancing what’s already beautifully you. I love the gentleness of it on my skin and knowing it’s allowing my skin to breathe.
If you’re interested in trying out a botanical based, vegan, cruelty free products that protect & nourish your skin, pop me a message.
Plus there is a 20% OFF SALE while stocks last – hurrah!


Arthritis and inflammation

Arthritis and inflammation support


Arthritis is a crippling disease causing pain and stiffness in the joints which can seem hopeless to tackle. I’ve been inspired to collate this to support three close family members who suffer with both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.  Whichever you’re struggling with, I hope the below helps give you a guide as to some natural support both in terms of dietary guidance for foods, and to also discuss some nutritional supplements that can help.







If you’re one of the many people who cannot process aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen, don’t panic! There are many other non NSAIDS that you can use for pain relief and to naturally support your symptom

  • Celadrin is a new plant-based supplement for joint pain and Inflammation from Cytoplan


  • Joint Support from NYRO. Contains Vit C, tumeric, green tea, ginger, bromelain, celery seed powder and rosemary leaf
  • Glucosamine from Cytoplan. When there is excess wear, more raw ”material” is needed for repair of the joints in our bodies, Glucosamine can assist in the regeneration and maintenance of cartilage and tissue.




  • Arnica cream can be rubbed into the muscles and joints . The arnica salve is very helpful for joint pain as it also contains comfrey which heals damaged tissue and lavender which is a pain reliever. The salve also contains some ginger which is warming and comforting.
  • Seaweed and arnica foaming bath Infusions of mineral-rich seaweed, comfrey and arnica are combined with pure essential oils of lemon, pine, juniper and lavender to ease tired muscles and restore a sense of vitality.



Nightshades – This food group can aggravate the pain and inflammation of arthritis. It includes tomatoes, white potatoes, aubergine, bell peppers, paprika and tobacco. Gluten – Just following a gluten-free diet helps some patients experience less joint pain and inflammation

Limit caffeine, alcohol, sugar and dairy



Increase: Fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel) for omega oils, essential fatty acids boost.

Increase fruit and vegetables especially your leafy greens including spinach, broccoli, cabbage which are rich in B vitamins, omega 3, vitamin E and packed full of anti-inflammatory elements.

Pineapple – Bromelain and Vitamin C. Natural anti inflammatory that can help reduce swelling, bruising and pain.

Apples–  rich in flavonoids such as quercetin which has been linked in research to immune system recovery. (Side note:  I have found a Quercetin and Nettle supplements by Neals Yard helpful in alleviating my hayfever symptoms for similar reasons).

Papaya – rich in minerals and vitamins and includes proteolytic enzyme papain which is an antioxidant and pain reliever.

Nuts and seeds including:

Almonds – high in vitamin E and unsaturated fats that reduce inflammation and support lubrication of the joints.

Linseed & chia seeds – help boost your intake of flax seeds with omega 3&6.

Herbs and spices

Ginger – add some ginger to your hot lemon with water. Studies show it has hyperalgesia effects in osteoarthritis patients and is a strong anti-inflammatory agent.

Tumeric – anti-inflammatory often used to flavour curries.




Neals Yard Remedies


NYR Natural News –Arthritis – relieving pain & staying supple without drugs

Patrick Holford –Say No to Arthritis

Make-up that is good for your skin

Do you like clogging your pores with parabens, heavy metals or even hormone disrupting chemicals?

No? Nope, me neither!

Have you ever thought about what your make-up is made of?

Nope, me neither! Well until recently…..have a read of these and then have a look at Neal’s Yard Organic make-up.

The Good: (Hurrah for ethical shopping)

Good shopping guide NYR 100

The Bad: (Toxic load in make-up is astonishing)

avoid these cosmetics


make up offer


As a fan of natural skincare, I’ve started looking at what goes into my make-up. I’m struggling with some congested pores at the moment (nice!) and along with increasing hydration and cutting back on trigger foods, I’ve been working hard with my skin care routine using a mixture of the Palmarosa, Rose and Frankincense NYR ranges. I don’t want to them undo all my hardwork by putting a toxic load of pore clogging chemicals on my face!

I tried out the NYRO range last week and couldn’t believe how GOOD it felt on my skin. It didn’t feel heavy and honestly like my skin was BREATHING throughout the day. Plus using Palmarosa Mattifer  beforehand helped it stay on all day long.

I’m not very good with make-up but it looked great. I went for a natural look but you can vamp it up with our night time shades. Fancy trying it? Check out the full range for all skin tones.

me with NYRO make up

(I’m wearing: minderal foundation medium warm, mineral bronzer golden warm, peony blusher, moss eyeshadow, oak eyeliner, lenghtening mascara and bayberry lipgloss)

Neal’s Yard have an AMAZING offer with 50% OFF yes that’s HALF PRICE make-up when you buy four products. So try out a new foundation, blusher, eye liner and lipstick today, guilt free – well almost!

Do ask me for more details and get in touch if you want to hold a make-up party 🙂

Eczema help


My 6 year old nephew who suffers from eczema was staying with us this weekend and, me being me, I was chatting to his Mum about how to help. We had already identified a lactose and wheat intolerance using kinesiology testing and this had really helped clear it up. However, they found this change hard to stick to so we discussed how to make life easier just by swapping his milk, bread and cereal to gluten free. It’s about removing the triggers for a short period of time to allow the inflammatory markers to reduce whilst we support the body’s natural immune system. Sounds a bit tricky but it’s quite simple and I can help you with this. (I’m not a massive fan of gluten free replacements long term as they are often high in sugar and starchy ingredients but if it helps a 6 year old reduce his itchy and sore eczema then I’m all for quick wins).

My lovely nephew doesn’t like the thick, gloopy prescription cream and squirms his way out of your arms if you’re trying to apply it but – bribed with an Easter egg – he agreed to let us play ‘The Arms and Leg Game’, essentially trying different creams with my NYR Organic lotions suitable for eczema, certified by the Soil Association. We put Stellaria lotion on his legs and Calendular lotion on his arms. He loved the feel of the Stellaria and was quite happy to have it on at night and it stopped him itching, what a result! 🙂

No chat with me is complete without discussing what goodness to put INTO the body (it’s not all about cutting things out), so we tried the Organic Berry powder as a healthy Ribena and discussed adding in the omega 3,6&9 NYRO oil into his morning smoothie (another new idea) to help boost the immune system with vitamin C and essential fatty acids to help his skin. I can’t wait to hear how he gets on 🙂

Only £7 a tube, Stellaria & Calendula creams test up really well and are incredibly soothing. If anyone wants to try them, let me know and I can send you a sample.

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