Coronavirus – all appointments now ONLINE

Who fancies some good news today??

Rather self-indulgent but there is a sensible point at the end….I’m PREGNANT! 💕
After 5 years of trying, 3 rounds of IVF and 2 embryo transfers we finally have a little one growing away to which we will be eternally grateful.

Surprise to those who didn’t know and but why am i posting this publicly?

Well with the increasing covid-19 threat as a pregnant woman (in my 6th month now), I have been placed in the ‘at risk’ category with social distancing suggested.

Although Thrive will continue to run (you all know how much I love helping people and adore my work), there will need to be changes. Some of these I am still working on but the main ones include:

👭This is the LAST WEEK I will be treating clients face to face. I am honouring all appointments this week (provided you are not poorly obviously).

💻📲From NEXT week onwards w/c 30th March I will be offering all clients the opportunity to swap to an ONLINE (Skype, FaceTime or Zoom) appointment. I have contacted everyone booked in for next week so far and will continue to contact everyone personally who has future bookings.

🥑You can still order all your nutritional supplements, aromatherapy oils and all Arbonne products from me as these can be delivered to your door.

• Future plans include more vlogs (I feel like such an oldie using that expression 🤣), potential for online workshops etc…watch this space

📅Pregnancy wise, the plan was to continue working until the beginning of June so if you do want to book in a check-up, please do get in touch and we can pop this in the diary.

Although tremendously sad not to be able to see you in person, I have already been running online wellness coaching sessions with clients to tremendous success. We can still discuss all aspects of your health, nutritional requirements, sleep support etc and when it comes to rubbing neurolympathic points (the points where I jab at your chest or ribs), I will simply show you on camera where these are and you can do this yourself!

Hope you all understand and continue to support both myself and any small business you can during ese challenging times.
Stay safe everyone and do just shout if I can help with any health questions you may have at this challenging time.

Take care xx

CORONA VIRUS: We are still open

Thrive is still OPEN!

Thank you to the lovely clients enquiring as to whether I am still offering kinesiology appointments. The answer is YES for now, respectfully monitoring the Government’s advice and implementing as many hygienic initiatives as I can.
*All appointments are still expected
* Hand sanitiser is available as you enter the studio
*If you are poorly with a cough/cold/fever do contact me to rearrange for both of our sakes as we try to prevent spreading the virus (Covid-19 or other)
* If you wish to rearrange, please try and give me advance notice so I can offer the time to someone else, ideally 48 hours as per the usual cancellation policy. Extenuating circumstances will be dealt with sensitively during this uncertain time of course but please do try and support me as a small business and allow me time to refill your time slot.
The treatment studio is being cleaned daily with the door handle disinfected and massage couch pillow changed.
Any questions do get in touch but for now it’s business as usual with some additional safety checks. Stay well everyone x

Emotional wellbeing month

Bye bye February, hello March!

I love March with the yellow optimism that the daffodils bring as they open their cheery little petals.

January & February was all about the physical side of our health focussing on gut health and nutrition. March and April’s focus is on our emotional health. Both are required in equal measure in order for us to ‘feel well’.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting information, ideas and products which can help our mental wellness. I’m convinced that the root of my illness all those years ago (glandular fever during teenager years) was a physical manifestation of the PRESSURE COOKER PERFECTIONISM I lived with. I lacked confidence yet was always striving to be the best, to get the A* grade, to be chosen for everything (from the first correct answer in class to being the starting shooter on the netball team) and to always be involved.  I did this as every pat on the head I received gave my validation that I was doing the right thing which was very important to me….although why and to what end I did not question.

I did not understand what I now consider essential which was to pace myself, to rest and even to share. We’ve all heard the expression that you cannot pour from an empty cup yet I constantly fought this and just carried on and on and on.


People often ask me what was the key to recovering from M.E./CFS and although I desperately wish I could wave a magic wand for everyone, my overriding answer would be acceptance and understanding. Both of the physical elements of the illness (e.g. foods that triggered an inflammatory result and stressed my body) and the emotional (with my mind always switched on and learning to identify my self-sabotaging thought patterns).

I am currently pulling together a workshop for the Easter holidays to help teenagers and young adults with CONFIDENCE & CALMING, to treat their rising anxiety levels with their exams approaching. We will briefly cover aspects of physical health to support their wellbeing but the focus in on understanding and controlling their emotions, learning to name and amend their feelings, quietening the chimp mind and stepping into confidence and control.


So March….the month of yellow…daffodils….hope…new life….spring awakening, we welcome you.

I look forward to sharing bundles of information and tips to support your emotional wellbeing just as much as you have been focussing on the physical side.




Here’s a copy of the 45 minute webinar I ran this wee sharing information on digestion, IBS management, FODMAP foods, supplements and health tips.

Sorry I hadn’t realised everyone’s faces would be on the screen and obscuring the presentation so I will amend this setting for next time. You live and learn!

Enjoy x


30 Days To Healthy Living Programme

Are you feeling out of sorts, drained of energy, stuck in a rut, suffering with headaches or digestive grumbles and don’t know how to feel better? Are you also feeling confused and overwhelmed about all the different options?

Believe me, I get it. I can relate to this both through personal experience of fatigue and IBS, and also through my years of experience as a kinesiologist and nutritionist. Clients come to me all the time trying out the latest thing or with bags full of nutritional supplements but not sure what’s actually working.

THINGS CAN BE BETTER! Imagine waking up every day with your energy tank restored, knowing your body is being fuelled correctly with the correct balance of vitamins and minerals to help you cope with your busy life.

I want to help you feel better LONG TERM. I am not offering you a quick fix but a simple, easy plan to start following with an initial 30 days. You will see the results both mental and physical.

We are looking at educating you, building healthier daily eating habits, understanding your body and what it’s trying to tell you.


This simple reset in 30 days can improve so many areas of your health:

  • Increased energy and vitality
  • A happier gut and a digestive system working better
  • Radiant skin
  • Improved quality sleep
  • A better understanding of using food as healthy fuel
  • Many people also experience weight loss



I have completed this programme twice now, once because I was feeling out of sorts and a bit sluggish and overweight, and the second time because my body and hormones had been messed around by IVF drugs. Many of my clients have also enjoyed this programme, Sandra shared this with me:

“It was so simple to follow and I can’t belive how much more energised I felt. I also lost some of the weight which had been bothering me!”


The 30 day programme (full name “30 Days To Healthy Living”) is an amazing programme to help you kick start your health journey. You will received daily recipes, knowledge and inspiration to keep you on track alongside meal plans and digestion boosting products.

Our 30 day kit supports balanced nutrition with:

  • Plant based protein for smoothies
  • Fibre boost
  • Herbal tea
  • Energy fizzy sticks (caffeine free energy boosts with B vitamins, ginseng and guarana)
  • Digestion enzymes for healthy gut (enzymes & probiotics)
  • Body cleanse (detox support for the liver)
  • Plus you have access to me all the time (well except when I’m sleeping!) to ask advice.


The next group starts on Mon 3rd Feb and new groups start every other Monday (although you can join at any time).

This week is prep-week so you will be guided to order you customised 30DTHL pack this week and start checking in with me about how to prepare and stock your fridge.

There is an online Facebook page packed full of info which I’m happy for you to have a look around before joining, just ask me and I’ll add you so you can check it out.



RRP £384 but Preferred Client rate £230. This PC rate is available via an annual registration fee (usually £25 but reduced to just £10 in January) so 100% worth joining in January to save an additional £150!


Want to know more or have any questions? Just email me and we can chat further.