Emotional wellbeing month

Bye bye February, hello March!

I love March with the yellow optimism that the daffodils bring as they open their cheery little petals.

January & February was all about the physical side of our health focussing on gut health and nutrition. March and April’s focus is on our emotional health. Both are required in equal measure in order for us to ‘feel well’.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting information, ideas and products which can help our mental wellness. I’m convinced that the root of my illness all those years ago (glandular fever during teenager years) was a physical manifestation of the PRESSURE COOKER PERFECTIONISM I lived with. I lacked confidence yet was always striving to be the best, to get the A* grade, to be chosen for everything (from the first correct answer in class to being the starting shooter on the netball team) and to always be involved.  I did this as every pat on the head I received gave my validation that I was doing the right thing which was very important to me….although why and to what end I did not question.

I did not understand what I now consider essential which was to pace myself, to rest and even to share. We’ve all heard the expression that you cannot pour from an empty cup yet I constantly fought this and just carried on and on and on.


People often ask me what was the key to recovering from M.E./CFS and although I desperately wish I could wave a magic wand for everyone, my overriding answer would be acceptance and understanding. Both of the physical elements of the illness (e.g. foods that triggered an inflammatory result and stressed my body) and the emotional (with my mind always switched on and learning to identify my self-sabotaging thought patterns).

I am currently pulling together a workshop for the Easter holidays to help teenagers and young adults with CONFIDENCE & CALMING, to treat their rising anxiety levels with their exams approaching. We will briefly cover aspects of physical health to support their wellbeing but the focus in on understanding and controlling their emotions, learning to name and amend their feelings, quietening the chimp mind and stepping into confidence and control.


So March….the month of yellow…daffodils….hope…new life….spring awakening, we welcome you.

I look forward to sharing bundles of information and tips to support your emotional wellbeing just as much as you have been focussing on the physical side.


Stress awareness day

Hi I’m Sarah and I’m a total stress head. There, I’ve said it! As it’s #stressawarenessday I wanted to admit to it and share some ways to help manage the overwhelm.

Here are some (not so helpful) things I’m really good at. How many of these relate to you?

  • I’m very good at beating myself up and saying unkind things to myself
  • I excel in unnecessary anxiety
  • I overanalyse and procrastinate over the smallest things
  • I always try and do too much and fit in ‘just one more thing’
  • When I stand in front of a mirror, my first thought is to see how far my tummy is sticking out
  • I keep trying to be perfect. I strive to do well in everything I turn my attention to – work, home life, friendship, being a ‘good military wife’.

Does any of this sound familiar?

I know my mental state has directly contributed to my physical symptoms. Learning to let go of striving for perfection has been a huge journey. Most of the time I can manage this but sometimes I’ll wonder why things are building up again and I’ll realise I’ve set unrealistic and unattainable expectations. *DEEP BREATH* Cue some tapping and repeating various phrases such as “It’s OK to be me” and “My best is good enough”. Of course, I’m only human and sometimes it gets too much and only a good cry/rant/long hot bath will do.


Stress levels, anxiety and pressure affect us all and I share this list because I am well qualified to help you in your own unique and wonderful way.

Working both physically and emotionally I can help you, your children, your friends & family be truly listened to. Using kinesiology we can find out what the body says is going on (it often isn’t what you’d expect) and what is needed to rebalance.

Let me help you unpick what’s going on in your life, mind and body and work with you to create a personal plan back to wellness and feeling back in control.


  • Remembering to practice self-care – taking a moment, deep breaths, affirmations, quietening the monkey mind
  • Reminding yourself that THERE IS NO PERFECT! You cannot be all things to all people so start focussing on the things YOU want to do the most
  • Scribbling down thoughts in a diary
  • Having a long hot bath (my husband practically runs up the stairs to draw me a bath when he knows I’m feeling stressed bless him)
  • Talking to someone – whether it’s a friend or a therapist, you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel once it’s out there and you can work through it

On Stress Awareness Day, take a moment to put yourself first. Think about what’s bothering you the most – is there anything you can do about it, anyone to talk to about it or anything that can help? If you’ve found yourself nodding to anything written above, get in touch to find out how I can help you feel stronger again.

Here’s a link to a previous article with some more practical advice to help: www.thrivehealthwellness.co.uk/stress-and-adrenal-fatigue/ 

Increasing immunity – Sherborne Times article


Very excited to see my first article in the June edition of the Sherborne Times.

Full version of the text was as follows:

“The recent cold snap appears to have clung on mercilessly leaving many people struggling to shake off cold and flu bugs that have invaded their immune systems. Viruses love cold weather and humidity which is why so many of us get sick in the winter months. On average adults get 2 colds per year and children 3-4 times that.

To function properly, an immune system must detect a wide variety of agents known as pathogens and distinguish them from the organism’s own healthy tissue. It usually does a great job of defending against germs and microorganisms every day and works hard to fight off the invaders. However, there are around 200 viruses that cause colds and just three that cause flu so our body has a tough time of keeping up.

Our immunity may be compromised by any number of underlying health conditions and lifestyle factors such as poor diet and nutrition, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol, smoking and lack of sleep We don’t often know how strong our immune system is until we get sick. However, we do know that prevention is better than cure.

Dr Chatterjee (NHS GP and BBC’s Doctor in the House) believes lifestyle and nutrition are the keys to good health, he promotes the 4 pillars of good health:  Eat well, Move well, Sleep well and Relax well. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But I wonder how many of us are actively taking care of ourselves in these areas?  How much fresh air and exercise do you get a day? Do you understand the importance of relaxation to allow your body’s immune system to repair and regenerate?

At the first sign of an attack on our immune system, there are many things we can do to support it. Quick supplements include Echinacea (Neals Yard Remedies) and Collodial Silver (‘Biosilver’ by Metabolics), as well as simple dietary changes such as increasing our intake of Vitamin C and eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, particularly leafy greens such as spinach or kale, will help.

Natural techniques include rubbing the spleen’s neuro-lymphatic points which are on the side of our body in the middle of the ribs (bra line is an easier way of finding it) and thymus tap (gentle tapping in a waltzing rhythm around the top of your sternum).

Try to reduce your intake of caffeine, alcohol and sugar as these are viewed as stressors and disrupt your immune system’s response to the virus. I know we all reach for comfort food when we feel low, but try a hot mug of Elderberry tea (Elderberry syrup, ginger and lemon) or superfood brownies with Organic Greens Complex to perk you up.

Supplements are incredible beneficial but do remember that they do just that – supplement your health, so those lifestyle choices above are important. We all know Vitamin C and zinc help strengthen our immune systems, but are you also aware of the important of increasing antioxidants? They are the good guys who support a healthy immune response and clean cells of pollutants and free radicals.  Iron, selenium and Vitamin D are also vital.

It can be confusing knowing which supplements you need and disciplines such as Kinesiology can muscle test to find the most effective nutritional support for your body, as well as checking for any underlying symptoms. Everyone is different.  The most important thing is finding something, be it lifestyle, dietary or nutritional, that works for you and helps you feel better.”

Day 2: Zinc and Beauty Sleep

Day 2 of the 12 days of Christmas/December

Learn about the importance of Zinc for a healthy immune system to keep the bugs away this Winter. Plus hear how Beauty Sleep gift set by Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic can help you (or your lucky friend if you can bear to part with it!) relax and sleep better.

As always, do check out the full details and ingredients list here:

Hope you enjoy the video from day 2. Much warmer than yesterday!


Tired but wired? Help your adrenals

I’m a bit odd as I seriously LOVE the adrenal glands! As someone who unconsciously abused and depleted them for years, I’m more in tune with their protest signs these days and do try to help them and switch off when I can.

Here’s a beautiful article on how to naturally fuel your body to balance your hormones and support your adrenals.

I love the writers closing sentence that she felt like a ‘moral failure’ with adrenal fatigue symptoms because she’s a Doctor! I remember hearing that my Kinesiologist was unwell once and I thought the earth had stopped spinning – how could she possibly be unwell when she lived such a healthy lifestyle? Then I remembered: she was human. Just like the rest of us.

We can only do ever our best. We are not infallible but if we can try to do something to help our body every day rather than just stress it further, then give yourself a big high five!

adrenals balance homromne mind body green

Years of battling with glandular fever, M.E. and then my stubborness to work and play as hard as a ‘normal’ 20something in London meant my poor adrenals never really got they support they needed and I was definitely tired but wired. I was constantly burnt out, had a ‘faulty battery charger’ where sleep never fully refreshed me and ironically struggled to switch off and get a good nights sleep. I now understand I was too wired to sleep. My adrenals were in overdrive, my hormones (and periods) disrupted and I was stuck on a loop de loop rollercoaster.

Having thought I had recovered from M.E. I was disappointed to think I was only ever going to be at 70% energy levels UNTIL I started to LISTEN to how I was feeling. Over the course of a few months (ahem, really years), I headed all the lifestyle advice and started to pay attention to my diet. I didn’t just feed my body plaster food such as caffeine and chocolate to keep going but slowly introduced healthier, slow release snacks (humous, carrots and rye bread were a favourite).

Here’s some really helpful advice on what to fuel your body with to give your adrenals a break (or a big hug to say thanks for keeping me going).

Enjoy x