Just launched my first e-book!

BRAND NEW E-BOOK! Managing Exam Stress: From concerned to confident

Are you the parent of a teenager with exams coming up?

Can you see that your child is getting more stressed about their exams but you’re not sure how to help?
I understand this is a difficult time for you all to manage. The good news is I can help. I have been running private sessions and school workshops helping young people reduce their stress and increase their confidence for years now.
I have created an e-book for your child to give them practical tips to support both their physical and emotional wellbeing during the exam period.

We will cover: Physical support (eat, move, sleep and relax tips), emotional support (EFT tapping, confidence boosting, grounding and breathing techniques), calming product suggestions AND an exam day nerves section.

As an added bonus there is also a special support section for parents too.

Sign up today for your “Managing Exam Stress: From Concerned to Confident” e-book for the early bird price of just £27. The e-book will be available in time for the exam season in early May.  A video course will be launched soon to provide even more tips, techniques and demonstrations.

What will I receive? You will receive a pdf file sent to you via email in May.
How will you have my email address? Please ensure you tick the box “Send me product updates” when buying the product to ensure I have your correct details.
Do you have a refund process? Due to the immediate nature of the sales, no refunds will be available.




Last week, I was invited to give a talk to the Butterfly course at StudioBelle last sharing some basic information about vitamins and minerals and when you might need them. I’m sharing some of the highlights below in the hope it helps you understand when and why you might need a nutritional top-up.





Supplements – they literally supplement and complement your life style. Use them as a top-up to help maintain optimum vitamin and mineral levels.



Always times when our body needs a helping hand. Whether it be knowing there are lots of germs flying around and reaching for the Vitamin C and Echinacea, or knowing that you’re juggling multiple things and need an energy boost with some vitamin B.

Mineral and vitamin levels in foods have decreased over the years hence rise in organic farming. Selenium for example is a mineral previously abundant but now virtually untraceable in soil used to grow your vegetables.

Eating a healthy rainbow diet full of protein, fruit and vegetables is a great way to kick start your health. Increasing your water intake (yes I know you must hear it all the time but as our body is made up of 70% water it is rather vital!) is a great way of maintain healthy cells.

Fun fact: did you know that you can survive for a few weeks without food but only a few days without water?




Unfortunately not – that would make life too easy!

To ensure you get the maximum benefit and cost efficiency, try to look for the purest form available, ideally in a food soluble variety to allow maximum absorption. This may mean a change from your traditional high street brands but I am confident you will see a difference.

I recommend 5 high quality companies:

Neals Yard     Cytoplan       Nutri Advanced     Metabolics       BioCare

Very happy to help you choose the best supplements for you, just contact me.



There are some ‘fillers’ that are best to watch out for:

  • Bulking agents – to top up the content of the pills or capsules
  • Binders – used to stick ingredients together in a tablet
  • Anti-caking agents – to stop the ingredients clogging up machines
  • Carriers – to maintain a powder consistency
  • Coatings – to make swallowing easy
  • Preservatives – to save ingredients from spoiling
  • Emulsifiers – to bind water to fats
  • Colours – to look more appealing to the consumer
  • Flavours – to alter the taste, even in tablets that are swallowed whole
  • Sweeteners – to add flavour. Look for words ending in -“ose”



Below is a little list I’ve created to give you an idea of the vitamins and minerals that often show up with these conditions. It’s not an exhaustive list but hopefully it gives you an idea of what to look for. Please note, I am not recommending you take all of them, but do some research yourself and have a think about which elements you feel would be appropriate. Also please do check with a health practitioner if you have a pre-existing medical condition or are taking medication.

Want to know what could help you? Kinesiology can help you with nutritional testing, assessing your body and identifying areas  that could do with some support. If you would like to have your vitamin and mineral levels checked with Kinesiology testing, do get in touch.



Good starting point: Multi mineral and vitamins, fish oils


Vit B, zinc

‘Adrenal support ‘ (B5, selenium, chromium, kelp) NB: Do not take additional B vitamins with this


B vits

Adrenal support

Fish oils with Co Q10 (for energy)





Maca powder

Herbal: Agnus Castus



Digestive enzymes

Avoid trigger foods


Vit D

Fish Oils

Multi min and vit


Vit C


Tapping and positive statements e.g. I feel better if I eat healthier food.


Multi (B,C E)


Vit D

Fish Oils

Co Q10 (for energy)


Black cohosh

St Johns Wort

Aromatherapy Womens Balance


Digestive enzymes

Vit B for energy

Vit C and zinc for immune system

Milk thistle for to help your liver!



 Health disclaimer: this is general advice please do consult with a health practitioner if you have any existing medical condition or are on medication.














More client feedback: food sensitivities + EFT


Chloe McGuire, 22, accountant and health + wellness blogger, came to investigate her long term back pain and food sensitivities.

We found an emotion connected to a particular event from a few years back was trapped in her muscle memory and was triggering her back pain. Chloe bravely talked through this while we identified the relevant Bach flower remedy and used EFT tapping (emotional freedom technique) to clear the trauma (see below quote for more details).

Chloe’s experience:

Before having kinesiology with Sarah, the treatment was quite unknown to me. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I went in with an open mind and was more than pleasantly surprised. With a long term back injury, I suffer from hypersensitivity but Sarah immediately put me at ease with her big smile and friendly personality. I loved that she explained everything to me as we went through the treatment so that I knew exactly what was happening. I was astounded by how much information she found out about me through muscle testing and loved how a lot of nutrition came into it too. I am always looking for ways to better my health, so for her to give me some really helpful suggestions and advice was so beneficial to me and something really valuable that I took away from the session.

I thoroughly enjoyed my treatment; it really gave me a better insight into my health and body. Sarah was so knowledgeable about it all and knew exactly what to say and do. The muscle testing was a really amazing experience! Everything Sarah told me and explained to me about what she was doing and the results of it completely made sense to me. There were a few surprises as well, as since finding out some information about my health that Sarah gave me I have been able to cut out some foods that have really helped my overall health and wellbeing. I wouldn’t have even thought of doing this had it not been for Sarah and her brilliant advice.

I truly recommend trying kinesiology with Sarah. It is something I hope to incorporate into my monthly routine as it’s been the most helpful holistic treatment I’ve had so far in helping me not only with my help but also some buried emotional blockages too. I can guarantee that you’ll come away from the session feeling relaxed, positive and more informed about your health, body and mind. Thank you Sarah!

Details of Chloe’s treatment included:

EFT – EFT is a type of psychological acupressure, based on the same energy meridians used in acupuncture, but using fingers to tap rather than needles. Tapping on specific acupressure points relating to the emotion (anger, grief, rage, fear etc.) whilst thinking about the specific problem and voicing positive affirmations is remarkably powerful in clearing the emotional block from your body’s bioenergy system, restoring mind and body balance.

Food sensitivity testing – Find out how food sensitivities testing could help you identify food triggers that leave you feeling bloated, gassy, in pain or super tired.


EFT common tapping points

EFT common tapping points