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Delicious and simple granola



“This granola is my oldest and most loved recipe. Everyone adores it. The nutty crunchy texture and sweet echoes of cinnamon and coconut make this the most delicious and nutritious way to start any day. The pecans and almonds provide a fantastic intake of protein, omega-3 and vitamin E. The pumpkin, sunflower and flax seeds enhance these benefits, while also boosting your intake of key minerals, such as phosphorus, magnesium and manganese. The whole grain oats are bursting with fibre and will keep you full all morning, since the body burns them slowly. Finally, the cinnamon helps to maintain steady blood sugar levels and the coconut butter makes your skin and hair beautifully clear and shiny. What more could anyone need? Add some raisins for some extra sweetness and a delicious juicy texture that bursts in your mouth and enjoy with almond milk and fresh berries. I promise this tastes better than any brought cereal or granola out there and will do a lot more for your beautiful body.”


Makes one large container of granola

– 2 and a 1/2 cups of oats

– 1 cup of pecans

– 1/2 cup of almonds

– 1/2 cup of flax seeds

– 1 cup of pumpkin seeds

– 1 cup of sunflower seeds

– 1 cup of raisins

– 3 tablespoons of coconut oil

– 3 tablespoons of maple syrup

– 3 teaspoons of cinnamon


Place the pecans and almonds in a food processor and pulse for about 30 seconds so that they are partially crushed. Then add them to a large mixing bowl with all the other dry ingredients, except the raisins and cinnamon, and stir together.

Next, melt the coconut oil with the maple syrup and cinnamon on the stove, once it has dissolved into a sweet liquid add it to the dry bowl and mix well. This should form a delicious oaty nutty bowl, which is slightly sticky.

Place the mixture into a baking tray and bake for about 30-40 minutes at 180C, until crunchy. During this time you’ll need to stir the mixture to ensure that every bit of the granola gets nicely toasted and the top doesn’t burn.

Once the granola is cooked perfectly remove the tray from the oven and allow it to cool, then stir in the raisins. Store the granola in an air-tight container to keep it wonderfully fresh and crunchy.

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Spirulina – a true superfood



Spirulina Mercola benefits

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Homemade Healthy Snacks

How many of us start the week with the best of healthy intentions and then fall off the bandwagon saying we don’t have have time to cook from scratch? I know I used to.

Nowadays, like the good Girl Guide I used to be, I try to be as prepared as possible so I have sugar free, nutritious snacks on hand. Sometimes time does get the better of me but that’s why we were given bank holidays! Two hours in the kitchen later and I’m fully prepped with homemade healthy snacks that will keep me going for at least the next 2 weeks.

Concerned about any of the ingredients or don’t like nuts? Pop in for a kinesiology session where we can muscle test your body for food intolerances to ensure everything you eat works for you and strengthens your body.

Leave me a comment if you would like the recipes and let me know how they taste for you xx

Homemade Healthy Snacks

Homemade Healthy Snacks

In this picture:

* Flaxseed crackers (next dish to make: homemade humous)

* Healthy chocolate nibbles – date, almond + cocoa protein balls

* Homemade granola using Deliciously Ella’s recipe: cinammon + pecan granola (minus the maple syrup)

Breakfast: I love starting the day with homemade nutty granola, goats yogurt + blueberries

Mid morning : Keep the energy levels up with a mid morning snack of flaxseed cracker with nut butter + avocado

Afternoon tea: A cup of peppermint + liquorice tea plus a couple of healthy chocolate nibbles satisfy any sugar cravings that may have arisen


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