Emotional wellbeing month

Bye bye February, hello March!

I love March with the yellow optimism that the daffodils bring as they open their cheery little petals.

January & February was all about the physical side of our health focussing on gut health and nutrition. March and April’s focus is on our emotional health. Both are required in equal measure in order for us to ‘feel well’.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting information, ideas and products which can help our mental wellness. I’m convinced that the root of my illness all those years ago (glandular fever during teenager years) was a physical manifestation of the PRESSURE COOKER PERFECTIONISM I lived with. I lacked confidence yet was always striving to be the best, to get the A* grade, to be chosen for everything (from the first correct answer in class to being the starting shooter on the netball team) and to always be involved.  I did this as every pat on the head I received gave my validation that I was doing the right thing which was very important to me….although why and to what end I did not question.

I did not understand what I now consider essential which was to pace myself, to rest and even to share. We’ve all heard the expression that you cannot pour from an empty cup yet I constantly fought this and just carried on and on and on.


People often ask me what was the key to recovering from M.E./CFS and although I desperately wish I could wave a magic wand for everyone, my overriding answer would be acceptance and understanding. Both of the physical elements of the illness (e.g. foods that triggered an inflammatory result and stressed my body) and the emotional (with my mind always switched on and learning to identify my self-sabotaging thought patterns).

I am currently pulling together a workshop for the Easter holidays to help teenagers and young adults with CONFIDENCE & CALMING, to treat their rising anxiety levels with their exams approaching. We will briefly cover aspects of physical health to support their wellbeing but the focus in on understanding and controlling their emotions, learning to name and amend their feelings, quietening the chimp mind and stepping into confidence and control.


So March….the month of yellow…daffodils….hope…new life….spring awakening, we welcome you.

I look forward to sharing bundles of information and tips to support your emotional wellbeing just as much as you have been focussing on the physical side.