AWARD WINNER! Best Women in Business

Proud and humbled to have won the Best Woman in Business Award. Thank you Dorset Echo Industry Awards!

Thank you to the fabulous Gill for her nomination. I find it hard to talk about myself so thought I would let Gill’s words do the talking:

I am nominating Sarah in the Women in Business category as she is proof that you can completely change your life and turn a hobby into a successful and growing business within just 2 years!

She experienced the benefits of kinesiology when she was ill with M.E. using a wheelchair to get around, After treating family and friends in the evenings, her confidence as a practitioner grew to the point that she knew this wasn’t just a hobby anymore.

Thrive was created as she dreamed of a future of leading a life that she truly wanted. Transitioning from treating people in a spare bedroom to building a treatment clinic in her garden illustrates the change from hobby to business.

When she started Thrive Health and Wellness in Summer 2016 she had a small client base which has now grown to over 200 people and she began working on a full time self employed basis in March 2017 reflecting the immense growth of her business. In the past 18 months she also grown a team of over 60 people within Neal’s Yards Remedies Organic to reach a wider audience of people.

Word of mouth remain the most effective form of advertising and she still get a thrill every time a client tells her that their health has improved.

Reviews are flying in and demand for her services has increased, she is often being asked to treat people outside of her current location.

Being passionate about helping people and spreading the benefits of natural health, she has worked to find a solution, and recently launched The Thrive Tribe, an online community with huge growth potential offering free advice, information and inspiring discussion.

She is now developing online courses, webinars and a membership structure allowing people access to a wealth of wellness information wherever they are in the world.

The health and wellbeing industry is booming and Sarah and her Thrive Tribe will definitely be a part of it, spreading the ease and effectiveness of natural health solutions.

The Thrive Tribe


Would you like to be part of a supportive online community sharing exclusive content? Join The Thrive Tribe for FREE access to:

  • Health and wellness information
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Recipe ideas
  • ‘Ask the Kinesiologist’ sessions
  •  Facebook Live Q&A sessions
  • Plus camaraderie within the group

This is just the beginning of The Thrive Tribe with online webinars and courses launching later this year. Join now to get FREE access!

If you want to join The Thrive Tribe, please request access here:



-Health and wellness information – on a variety of topics from digestion, sleep, energy, food intolerances, viruses and much more

– Nutritional supplement explained – including what do vitamins do, how do I choose which to buy and can I get enough from my food?

– Recipe ideas – share ideas of simple meals and reputable websites to follow

-‘Ask the Kinesiologist’ for advice on health worries or conditions – post away with any specific questions you have and I’ll do my best to answer them

– Facebook Live Q&A sessions