People helping people NYRO


Join NYRO: Gorgeous organic products, 25% discount and supportive community.

I’m so excited as it’s the last day of the special offer to join the wonderful world of Neal’s Yard. If you are interested in #peoplehelpingpeople, natural health, learning about yourself, understanding about your body and sharing gorgeous smelling, good for your body organic goodness then NYRO is for you 🙂
NO pressure
NO targets
NO chemical nasties in products
nothing negative at all.
Just support, advice and a friendly community of Mums, retirees and therapists to name a few. Oh and the chance to earn some extra pennies of course!
one day early
Want to know more? Very happy to chat as you can obivously see how passionate I am about this company and it’s ethos.
Send me an email to [email protected], give me a text or call 07708 926000 and we can chat through to see if it’s right for you.
LAST DAY: Offer ends Mon 27th Feb