Energy ball recipes

STK energy ball recipe

Energy ball recipes for you! They’re a mixture of sugar free (using zylosweet, a natural alternative to sugar), and using maple syrup for those who can. Have a play and let me know what you think. ‪#‎EnergyBalls‬ ‪#‎ProteinBalls‬ ‪#‎SugarFree‬‪#‎Snacking‬

Website Up & Running!

It’s taken rather a bit longer than I had thought it would but the website is now officially up and running (as no doubt you are fully aware if you are reading this!).


Hope you all like it, however any feedback would be greatly received.


Thank you.

New Year Blues?

New year, new fad diet? Stomach feeling a bit bloated and grumbly after all the indulgence?
Why not pop in for a bit of food sensitivity testing to see what you really need to cut down on/exclude for a while?
This way you can find out exactly suits you as an individual, rather than following the latest celeb diet.

Kinesiology Training

London friends – fancy taking a peek into the fascinating world of kinesiology?

New Year Challenge

Don’t worry this isn’t some overly ambitious, ‘I must completely change my life’ kind of post full of outrageous resolutions.

I just liked the honesty of this article and the realisation that the smallest of simple changes really is a good place to start.