butterfly-me-timeI was honoured to lead the Butterfly session at StudioBelle last night. Wow, what a super bunch of positive ladies ready to make changes! We talked about the importance of BALANCE and ACCEPTANCE, of not comparing yourself to others, of BEING KIND TO YOURSELF and giving yourself a break.

We also chatted about the importance of ME TIME and how it is completely acceptable to be selfish and put aside time just for yourself. Women especially are always running around like headless chickens putting everyone else first and never taking a moment to look after ourselves. I know because I do it too!

If you’re stressed, your cortisol levels will be elevated and your adrenals will be working overtime leading to a variety of symptoms including exhaustion, mental fatigue, digestive issues and often weight gain (eek!) as your body goes into panic mode, adrenaline and cortisol rush through your body and we end up storing fat. So do take the time to create time for yourself and relax.

I look forward to bedtime, having a good hour to properly wind down after watching tv/swimming/chatting to friends/being on Facebook. After all that evening activity it’s become a routine to enjoy a night time herbal tea, have a warm bath or shower to feel all clean and cosy, get into bed and read with my Lumie  on with Women’s Balance essential oil floating in the air and the light slowing dimming as I enjoy my fluffy chick lit book and settle in for a good night’s sleep.

I hope all the lovely Butterflies enjoy implementing the relaxation tips we discussed last night. Let me know what works for you as I’d love to hear how you get on.

If you need any further advice on sleep issues or want to try any essential oils to see which works for you, just get in touch mailto:[email protected]